I’m One of Them

I’ve become one of them . . .

. . . one of them that believe I am loved by God for absolutely nothing that I did, can do, or will do.

. . . one of them that believe I have not done, can ever do, or will ever do anything to cause God not to love me.

. . . one of them that recognize that Jesus did not come to simply provide an example or a goal to obtain.  He came out of love, He came to love, and to teach us to love.

. . . one of them that now question things I have done and been a part of my whole life and wonder how and why I was ever convinced those things were making God love me more or make me any holier than I already am through the sacrifice of His son.

. . . one of them that now realize the greatest thing I could ever do for anyone else is to simply love them and that it is not my job to judge them, condemn them, or insist they must be a part of an organization or follow a certain set of rules or believe just like I do to obtain salvation.

John 1:12 states “To all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.”

I have become One of Them.


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